Walking to school with Autumn and Satie

5 second clips expose Timber's joyous commutes to Douglas Elementary.

In this first clip, before you replay it, notice the red car that is turning onto Compton. It is Victoria's mother who brings Victoria here to school. Karen saw Timber and Autumn walking. Karen stopped the car about a block up Compton and let Victoria out. This has never hapened before. It is the first time the timing of our walking has coincided with Victoria's arrival so well.

  1. After we stopped at street Langford Pl. and declared it safe to cross,
    Timber quickly bolted across with Satie and Autumn walks more normal

    Saga continues......across Quail Hollow, down the hill and cross the creek... and up the other side:

  2. Up hill is never fun, but we make the best of it.
  3.  Going up the hill with Satie ...where we discover Victoria waiting for Autumn and Timber. Victoria joins Autumn and they continue toward the crossing guard at Ortega Rd. Victoria joins in. Notice how tall she has grown since Jellybeans. Timber still walks Satie.
  4. In order to let the girls continue on alone to the Ortega crossing,
    Pop takes Satie and encourages the girls to go on.
    The brief "beep beep" you hear at the end is from Victoria's mother as she drives away. Notice the vibrant energy Timber was exhibiting as she was "walking" Satie... has not diminished. Timber bolts ahead.

The end of this chapter