Upper Neuse Cycling Adventure September 27
Slides  and                  Movie-clips
 Rearview camera shot catches our newest Starlet enjoying her new status as a celebrity. She announces it, in case you don't know. (70 sec)
Sat. Morning, Timber is 'high'  from her first session as a Starlet and enjoys waving to her fans that she did not know she has. (35 sec))
Timber has discovered another candidate to be a "Whee-e Hill..." and she's not done yet.
(12 seconds) Another candidate for a "Whee-e Hill" even when it is already in use. I doubt she would have been so vocal if not for her seeing the camera recording her.
 Reverse camera and last 10 minutes of ride. Nice to see rider coming toward camera. It's a new perspective.
 ending with the image here as she waves Bye!